Motion Detector – Helping to Protect your Home and Family

Home Security Motion Detector

The infrared based motion detector can scan and sense the intruders trying to enter your premises unlawfully. The equipment design efficiency enhances the distance and the nature of objects being detected. Moreover the system should be able to differentiate the normal movement of people and pets from the suspicious movements clearly. Advanced systems make it possible to attach the detectors on walls and fences. The focus angle can be from the vertical, horizontal or diagonal (angle of focus can vary from 10 to 450 or 460 to 890). The scan range of the detector can be customized to cover the radius of few meters to few kilometers, depending on the nature of potential threat to the lives and property.

Intensity and Sensitivity – Programmable Features


The intensity of the detecting depends on the reflexivity of the focus and reflection beam to certain extent in the traditional systems. The modern systems have eliminated this option and introduced detecting position of the intruding object. The time taken for the reflecting waves to reach the sensor emitters can determine the efficiency of the detector. The enhanced intensity can result in accurate detection within few micro seconds. Automated connectivity with the warning system will determine the effectiveness of the system in the practical situations.


An efficient detector system has three types of circuits namely the power, oscillation and the latch. The rechargeable battery can provide the required power for the system. High quality detectors can work with power supply of 5V to 27V power supply range.
Sensors: – Certain types of advanced detectors have strips of sensors connected to the main device attached to the wall, window, ceiling and other sensitive spots in your home and office.


The high quality detectors have oscillation range in microsecond frequencies. They can detect even fast moving objects from longer distances precisely. A fast moving intruder object will not be able to escape from the sensitive detector due to its efficient and quick reflex actions. The warning systems need to be placed near the security personnel.

Display Screen

If you have installed multiple motion detectors in your large villa or office, the system should be able to point out the exact location where the intrusion attempt or suspicious movement has been detected. This can be achieved with the help of an integrated intelligent system which displays the visual map of the building and the surrounding areas covered by the detectors. Then it can show the specific beep signals from the specific spots accurately. Hence the security personnel will be able to take instantaneous actions on war footing.

Computer Systems

The connectivity with the centralized computer system will enable the detector to work in efficient ways. The system can customize the detection in the areas with high humidity and temperature.

External Shields

Installing the protective shields for the motion detectors can ensure their long life and protection of extreme climatic conditions. They can also enhance the working capacity of the detectors and increase their accuracy.

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