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The Connected Home – Secure Your Smart Home

November 8, 2018 macroswiss 0

You can secure your home in the perfect way as you bring more technology into it. We live in the connected world. Smartphones and laptops with the internet have delivered on convenience, allowing anyone with an internet connection to look, learn, and to communicate with any individual or business in the world. This comfort and convenience are coupled with virtually every new tech product spreading off the line, and everyone’s homes are rapidly rolling up with an ever-growing universe of the Internet of Things devices. In the present world, IoT devices are hitting the marketplace, they include light bulbs, printers, alarm systems, streaming sticks, game consoles, digital assistants, TVs, thermostats, alarm clocks, and, yes, lots more. On one hand, the convenience provided by this IOT is wonderful. On the other hand, there are some important questions that need answers: how to make your connected home more secure? For this, here are few steps to protect your home network and also the gadgets connected to it. Good password management is very important. For newfangled gadgets such as smart TV’s as well as network equipment such as switches and routers, do not to use any default factory-set administrator passwords. Regularly change the […]

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Being To Be In Control With Alexa

July 29, 2018 macroswiss 0

Alexa, the virtual assistant developed by Amazon in many ways reflects the trend of modern devices to try out independent thinking and acting applications. There are a number of common ways the application can help lighten the load and be of use in every day activites. It must be pointed out that Alexa is in fact in keeping with the competition that sees Amazon going head on head with different operators like Apple and Microsoft in this aspect. It could be a convergence of technology offered that puts Amazon in a space that is not just restricted to ecommerce. How to go about securing the homes with Alexa It is possible to apply Alexa in areas that are far advanced in use as personal safety and surveillance. Additionally homes and premises could be monitored and secured using the technology as well. The front door: A knock at the door need not be as disconcerting as it used to be earlier. The Alexa is quite capable of letting the user know who would be at the door without having to open the very door. It is the convenient as well as the safer thing to do as people are not exposed […]

Home Security Motion Detector

Motion Detector – Helping to Protect your Home and Family

October 10, 2017 macroswiss 0

The infrared based motion detector can scan and sense the intruders trying to enter your premises unlawfully. The equipment design efficiency enhances the distance and the nature of objects being detected. Moreover the system should be able to differentiate the normal movement of people and pets from the suspicious movements clearly. Advanced systems make it possible to attach the detectors on walls and fences. The focus angle can be from the vertical, horizontal or diagonal (angle of focus can vary from 10 to 450 or 460 to 890). The scan range of the detector can be customized to cover the radius of few meters to few kilometers, depending on the nature of potential threat to the lives and property. Intensity and Sensitivity – Programmable Features Intensity The intensity of the detecting depends on the reflexivity of the focus and reflection beam to certain extent in the traditional systems. The modern systems have eliminated this option and introduced detecting position of the intruding object. The time taken for the reflecting waves to reach the sensor emitters can determine the efficiency of the detector. The enhanced intensity can result in accurate detection within few micro seconds. Automated connectivity with the warning system […]