digital peephole for home security

Securing The Home With A Digital Peephole

November 22, 2018 macroswiss 0

It would be right to understand what the digital peephole is all about in the first place. Traditionally home across the world have been using peepholes to have a look at who would be at the front door without having actually to open out the entrance physically. The digital peephole seeks to provide the very function of the older peepholes but by establishing a signal linking the external camera fitted outside the door and the view piece situated in the inside of the homes. So in the broad sense, the digital peephole is nothing but a camera that is used to provide the inmates of a home as to who would be at the door. The big difference that the digital options have when compared to the older peepholes is the need to have a power source. Often this could well be the weakest link in the working of the electronic eyes. The first thing that an intruder does when wanting to disable the digital peephole is to break the power supply cord. How cost effective is the digital peepholes The good thing about electronic eyes and surveillance equipment is that there is a fair range of models and systems […]

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Common ways burglars enter homes & how to protect yourself

July 29, 2018 macroswiss 3

Break-ins, are something that happens to other people, not to you right? Wrong. People often assume that it will never happen to them, but these things are hard to predict. All we can do is take the right precaution, and implement safe habits. We don’t need to live in fear, we can live in a way that ensures our safety, and deter burglaries before they happen. Here are three common ways burglars enter homes, and how to protect yourself. The Front door Did you know that 30% of burglaries were through an unlocked door? People often think that a thief would never just waltz into their home. However, many thieves will first try all easy ways to enter a home. If a door is unlocked, or a hidden key is obvious, they will use that opportunity to break-in. Often, if all the main entry points to a home have been secured, thieves are more likely to move on, and go try easier targets. I know it sounds silly, but it is very common that people often forget to lock their doors when they are home, or when they leave. Take this moment to think about your habits. How reliably do […]

How to prevent winter burglaries

Winter Burglaries – How to Prevent

December 28, 2017 macroswiss 0

When the winter months start to roll in, the chances of your home being the victim of a burglary. In fact, the peak time for a burglary is around the winter for some reason. Thankfully, keeping burglars away from your home is simpler than you may think. This is because most burglaries are opportunistic. If you do not make it easy to get in your property, the criminal is going to go elsewhere. The Front Door Most burglars are not going to go through the window. That looks incredibly suspicious. Instead, they are going to be attempting to force their way through your front door. If it looks old and tatty, then they will be able to get in. Invest in a good quality lock. The homes which tend to avoid being burgled are those which have at least two locks in place. Yes. It is going to be a bit cumbersome to get into your home, or to lock it up, but the fact that you are reducing most burglaries is going to be fantastic. Home Alarm System The next thing you will need to do is get a home alarm system in place. Choose a decent system. It […]

home security during vacation

How Protect Your Home from Burglary during Vacation

October 22, 2017 macroswiss 0

Home protection from burglary is the biggest challenge you can ever face. The simple steps listed here can keep your home and property safe. Hiring dedicated security personnel from a trusted company can be the most preferred option if you could afford to pay. They can work in shifts to guard your home externally. Make sure you have locked all the doors and windows securely. If the personnel can also take care of lawn moving, gardening, garbage disposal and mailer and newspaper collection you can consider yourself lucky. The other option is to request for the house sitter to care for your home until you are back from vacation. You can search for professional house sitters from trusted security companies online. Make sure you have verified their identity details and other security related information before hiring. Advanced Monitoring Systems If you are unable to find any personnel for security or house sitting, the next option is to use the advanced technology systems for monitoring and protection. Sensors and Cameras connected to centralized control panel can be monitored through your smart phone. They can also connect to the nearest station house or private security firm. Motion detectors, intruder detectors and touch […]