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Operational Scenarios Of Security & Surveillance Robots

November 8, 2018 macroswiss 0

Recent advancement in artificial intelligence (AI), wireless communications technology and mainly robotics have tremendously brought the forth advances in the surveillance and security solutions in the form of surveillance drones and autonomous security robots. These surveillance and futuristic security solutions are slowly being adopted by most of the companies in various industries across the world. Autonomous Security Robots When it comes to businesses, security is one of the top concerns. Securing and protecting the property, locations, assets, and personnel is all in a day’s work for the security professionals working across the wide selection of sectors and industries. The main challenge for any of the organization seeking to hire the security staff is getting the most out of their money. For many of the security guards in the companies, many of their workings are spent doing nothing but just patrolling and monitoring, with time spent actively dealing with suspicious or intrusions activity few and far between. It could be especially challenging while dealing with large areas that need more number of security guards to protect. And here is the place where Autonomous Security Robots, make their entry. Autonomous security robots are the automated surveillance and security robots that blend and […]

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Security Drones: A view in the future

November 4, 2017 macroswiss 0

The application of security drones for business and industrial establishments could become a reality in the future since they provide foolproof protection. The speed of Wi-Fi communication between the drones and control stations determine the success of the system. The essential parts of the drone are its cameras, sensors, onboard computer and the rotors. The lithium batteries allow a flight time between 12 minutes and 45 minutes after charging for 1.5 to 2 hours. Many of the systems don’t have option for additional batteries. The range of control varies between 1KM and 4KM. Future Drones – An Overview Drone Flight: – The future drones need to have extended flight time since the security concerns will be to increase the surveillance hours. Drone Feasibility: – Speed and movement control has to be based on the situation at the surveillance spot. Transmission of real time videos and sensory signals can invoke the warning alarms at the installed security locations. Enabling instant action increases the feasibility of deploying drones at high costs. Drone payload: – Lightweight components can help lower the net payload and improve the performance levels. Drone Intelligence: – At present the security drones are mostly controlled by remote pilots from […]