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Common ways burglars enter homes & how to protect yourself

July 29, 2018 macroswiss 3

Break-ins, are something that happens to other people, not to you right? Wrong. People often assume that it will never happen to them, but these things are hard to predict. All we can do is take the right precaution, and implement safe habits. We don’t need to live in fear, we can live in a way that ensures our safety, and deter burglaries before they happen. Here are three common ways burglars enter homes, and how to protect yourself. The Front door Did you know that 30% of burglaries were through an unlocked door? People often think that a thief would never just waltz into their home. However, many thieves will first try all easy ways to enter a home. If a door is unlocked, or a hidden key is obvious, they will use that opportunity to break-in. Often, if all the main entry points to a home have been secured, thieves are more likely to move on, and go try easier targets. I know it sounds silly, but it is very common that people often forget to lock their doors when they are home, or when they leave. Take this moment to think about your habits. How reliably do […]

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Being To Be In Control With Alexa

July 29, 2018 macroswiss 0

Alexa, the virtual assistant developed by Amazon in many ways reflects the trend of modern devices to try out independent thinking and acting applications. There are a number of common ways the application can help lighten the load and be of use in every day activites. It must be pointed out that Alexa is in fact in keeping with the competition that sees Amazon going head on head with different operators like Apple and Microsoft in this aspect. It could be a convergence of technology offered that puts Amazon in a space that is not just restricted to ecommerce. How to go about securing the homes with Alexa It is possible to apply Alexa in areas that are far advanced in use as personal safety and surveillance. Additionally homes and premises could be monitored and secured using the technology as well. The front door: A knock at the door need not be as disconcerting as it used to be earlier. The Alexa is quite capable of letting the user know who would be at the door without having to open the very door. It is the convenient as well as the safer thing to do as people are not exposed […]